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Basic Course

This course is a 2 days training program which is designed with a objective of empowering Plant for their House/College. Students will also get the practical knowledge to develop solar products which will boost their Entrepreneur skills.

Part 1 (Overview)

  • Solar Energy Scenario in India & Job Opportunities.
  • Basics of Solar Photo Voltaic Technology (PV).

Part 2 (Overview)

  • Basics of simulation tool
  • Concepts of PV System Design
  • Design a Solar Power Plant to light/power your own house/college.
  • Understand the system design using simultation tool.
  • Hands on experience to determine PV size, Inverter & Battery Capacity using tool.
  • Estimation of monthly power generation and financial savings.
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Part 3 (Overview)

Solar Operated Mobile Charger

  • Design and build your own Solar Mobile Charger.
  • Get practical insight into basic and advanced features

Light seeking Robot

  • Design and build your own Vision 180.
  • Get practical insight into basic and advanced features
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Solar SparQ is a social initiative of kWatt and we are looking for “Making Students Solar Smart”, and keeping note of student’s pockets, fees has been kept very nominal, affordable to students. Here is the fees structure tabulated below:

# Training Program Duration(Days) Fees (INR)/student (Inclusive of 15% Service Tax)
1 Basic Course
  • 0.3W X 2 Solar Panels
  • Mobile Charger Component Kit
  • Content Book