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SolWare Course

This training programme enables participants to “Design and Simulate SPV System” using the best software available in the market. The missions of this programme are to impart the knowledge and proper training and enable participants to become a solar professional.

  • Introduction, overview and comparison of various simulation softwares available in the market.
  • Understand Various PV System Designs.
  • Need of PV Power plant simulation software.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Plant design with the help of simulation software.
  • Hands-on practice software session on most popular software in industry.
  • Generating Simulation report Using PVSyst and Helioscope. (Project Phase, orientation of modules, solar components, user’s needs, near and far shading analysis, different loss analysis, simulation result and discussion)
  • Design and develop PV Power plant on simulation software.
  • Different steps to execute the solar power plant and Different development phase in the solar plant installation
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With SOLWARE we give you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams and become an Simulation software expert in Solar power plant design. The fees for this course is

# Training Program Duration(Days)
Fees (INR)/student
1 SolWare-Become an expert in PV Design simulation
15,000(Early bird)
17,000(After Early bird fees)