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SolarInstall- Hands-On Solar Rooftop PV Plant Installation Training

The course majorly focuses on hands-on training for component installation, commissioning of 1 kWp Off-Grid and On-Grid Solar PV Power Plant. It will also focus on Operations and Maintenance practices pertaining to solar PV systems. The participants will also be given training on marketing & entrepreneurship skill so that they will become the campaigners of solar energy.
Total duration of the training will be 7 days.

Participants Selection

  • Engineers, Electricians, Technicians and other solar aspirants
Plant Visit
  • There will a PV system plant visit for the students included in the module
Off Grid & On-Grid PV system hands on practice
  • There will be a 1kWp Off and On-Grid PV system plant for hands on practice of installation and commissioning
  • Certificates will be issued by kWatt Solutions Private Limited, Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT-Bombay to the Students/faculties who would attend and successfully complete the training program.
Job Opportunities
  • Government has set a target of 100GW solar installation by the year 2022 which will create job opportunities for more than 1.6 million skilled technicians in solar installation

# Underpinning Knowledge (Theory) Practical Competencies Duration(Days)
  • Electricity Basics
  • Introduction to Conventional &
    Nonconventional source of Energy
  • Basics of Solar energy

Introduction of Institute, Display Room
Visit, solar training yard visit,

  • Demonstration of PV components:-
  • Tools Introduction & type of tools:-
  • Study of solar photovoltaic cell & solar
    photovoltaic module, type and size
  • PV module, Fundamental types of modules
    and its applications, PV components and configuration etc.
  • Series and Parallel connections of battery and Modules
  • Reading and observations of PV power
  • Module and Inverter datasheet reading

Preparation of work statement & layout
documents for the following:-

  • Foundation-P&M, Tools & Tackles
  • Structure Erection-Module Mounting- Module sorting,
    tools & Tackles,Cable Trenching & Conduit Laying- P&M, Tools & Tackles, Junction box Installation

Understanding the parameters of site survey

  • Site observation
  • Observing Installation of Inverter, LT panel, PV module Series & parallel connection & testing
  • Earthing pit design
  • Earthing pit location/sizing
  • Layout observation, Inverter Erection

Reading of drawing and Specification for the followings:-

  • Civil Foundation or Ramming
  • Structure erection.
  • Civil Foundations
  • Module mounting structure and fixing of the same.
(Off Grid/Stand Alone System installation)
  • Reading of Single Line Diagram(SLD)Basic knowledge about tools and tackles required for PV plant Installation
  • Performance analysis and troubleshooting monitoring of generation per string incoming & outgoing power at junction box & Inverter level.
  • Module mounting (1kWp)
  • Inverter Installation and Connection.
  • Module mounting (1kWp)
  • Installation of Junction,String testing DC Side box
  • Cable tray , types of cable tray & cable Tray
  • Erection Battery , types of battery , Installation of Battery
(Off Grid/Stand Alone System installation)
  • Plant commissioning procedure
  • Understanding Testing tools
  • Understanding plant interconnections
  • Inspection, Testing & commissioning of PV plant
  • Dismantle of Module mounting structure.
(On Grid System installation of 3kWp)
  • Understanding the concept of power evacuation
  • Understanding the concept of grid synchronization
  • Grid Fundamental AC & DC
  • Module mounting (3kWp)
  • Inverter Installation and Connection.
  • Inspection, Testing & commissioning of PV plant
(On Grid System installation of 3kWp)

Fees for this comprehensive practical installation training of 7 Days are as follows

Category Fees*(INR)/candidate
New Candidate 36,800
Early bird** 34,500

**First 10 candidates

  • Book on Solar Photovoltaics Technology & Systems: by Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki
  • 4kwp Intallation Design Material